Ready, set, go for the Christmas Holidays!

FR - Still (or only) 5 weeks left until Christmas but the holidays are already occupying our thoughts. Like every year, the  search for the most original/ethical/relevant/inexpensive gift or decoration, a headache.




by Corine Meyer, 17/11/23

What if you went looking for ideas in one of the many Christmas markets of the region?

You might find what you are looking for in a “bourse aux jouets” or “toy market”? You might also enjoy taking part in a workshop to fabricate your own cards or presents?

To help you, we have selected for you this Christmas calendar listing numerous events in the Gard.


To be patient until the big day, what’s better than an Advent calendar?

In the 19th century, German Protestants imagined pious images to be discovered each day of Advent, in order to wait for Christmas. Consumerism having passed this way, this object has been completely transformed and sales of varied calendars, for all audiences and for all budgets, are increasing exponentially from year to year. If we do not wish to participate in this mercantile frenzy, nothing prevents us from thinking of this object differently: homemade, literary (a story per day or in 24 chapters), inverted (something to give) or even garnished every day with a proverb to meditate on, sweet words, activities to do together, etc.

In short, no reason to deprive ourselves of the pleasure of waiting and of this daily surprise which will help us wait until the holidays.

Finally, so that you can fully experience the magic of this period and immerse yourself in this festive atmosphere, we are preparing a “Best Of” Christmas events and activities for you. To be found in a few days on the site. See you soon!

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