The lavandin of Vilgoutrès, in Verfeuil

Run nowadays by the second generation of growers, Isabelle and Gérard Combe, the family lavandin farm at Vilgoutrès, which has held the AB (Agriculture Biologique, organic agriculture) label since 2000, extends over some 10 hectares around Verfeuil.


Domaine de Vilgoutrès©saloméwithacamera


The fields, ideally situated on dry, chalky soil, are the perfect crucible for lavandin growth and flowering, the first signs of a fine harvest, which takes around 2 weeks.



It takes 3 years before the harvest can be used for processing.



huile essentielle de lavandin©saloméwithacamera


From the distillation bin where the freshly cut lavandin is left to the preparation of the essential oil near Suze-la-Rousse, the lavandin from Vilgoutrès is skilfully transformed to be used to a greater or lesser extent in by-products: soaps, creams, ointments, candles...

Then there are eaux de toilette and honey, all designed to make the most of lavandin's virtues.

Did you know that the active compounds in this essential oil help cauterise the skin, combat stress and relieve pain (after a sunburn, for example)?

But that's not all.

The ENT area also appreciates its vertues, and quite rightly.

Essential oils are indeed a powerful ally in preventing winter ailments.




Thanks to Isabelle Combe for her contribution to this article.

The right address : Lavandin de Vilgoutrès, 1176 route de La Roque, Verfeuil. Open from 10 to 12.30 and from 15 to 18 (from October to Easter, on previous reservation). From 10 to 19 from Easter to September. Phone : 06 40 89 05 60.


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