At Home with Art, by Olivia de Fayet and Fanny Saulay

At  Home with Art , A Beginner's Guide to Collecting on any Budget, by Olivia de Fayet and Fanny Sauly, co-founders of French Art gallery Wilo & Grove, turns around 5 very special parts :

At home with art cover© Hervé GoluzaBe aware, Be bold, Be savy, Be creative, Be curious, with very precious information and tips to decorate your home, along with a useful glossary.

Both authors "previously worked as modern art specialists at the world’s largest auction house, where they met"... "Then, about a decade ago", they came "to the following three conclusions:

1. The art market is wild and uncharted territory for most of us.

2. There is an abundance of artistic talent all around us, just waiting to be discovered.

3. We are experiencing an ever-increasing desire to surround ourselves with objects that have genuine emotional resonance. So, since none of us has the time to develop a centenarian’s wisdom, and since you don’t need to be a billionaire to acquire works of art, yield to the temptation! In this book, we will provide you with all the expert advice you need".

Olivia and Fanny add : "Through our encounters with the neophyte collectors we’ve met since establishing Wilo & Grove, we have realized that many of the same questions and concerns come up time and again. This is what inspired and motivated us to gather our expert knowledge, insights, and tips into a useful, handy guide to help you welcome art into your life. This book is the essential reference for all those who wish to surround themselves with works of art and have always wondered how to go about starting a collection".

To learn more At Home with Art, 13/04/2022, Flammarion.

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