The living foods according to Patricia Kersulec

FR - The need to refocus our diets on eating well, to give our bodies the ingredients they need to function properly and to maintain their vitality, means that living foods are increasingly taking a more important place on today's menus.

Is this a social phenomenon or a real change? In reality, it's first and foremost a desire to eat better, combining a calmer pace of life with ingredients that are mostly organic...

We wanted to find out more by meeting nutritionist Patricia Kersulec.


Patricia Kersulec Vitam'InnLET'S CHAT

Hello Patricia, and welcome to the Health section of the blog.

First of all, can you introduce yourself?

I've been specialising in living foods for 20 years, and I teach and pass on methods for preventing and rebuilding health through practice.

I've been a chef instructor and gourmet chef with the Living Light Culinary Institute in California since 2007, and I've also been a certified representative of the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico for the French-speaking world since 2004.



What is the concept of living foods?

The Living Foods Lifestyle® concept promotes the consumption of enzyme-rich, nutrient-rich foods. It was developed by the American Ann Wigmore to overcome illness and improve quality of life. She believed that illness had 2 main causes: deficiency and toxaemia (a term used to describe poisons stored in the body. These toxins come from eating unnatural, processed foods, pesticides, destructive emotions and stress). Living foods, which are easy to digest and rich in nutrients, combat this deficiency. As for the problem of toxaemia, when the body does not use all its energy to digest food, it can turn to other tasks, such as releasing stored toxins and healing.



The American-Lithuanian Ann Wigmore (1909/1994) was a naturopathic physician

who advocated raw food menus,

She was influenced by the work of Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner (1867/1939).

A pioneering nutritionist, he was responsible for popularising the famous muesli and,

and, of course, raw food vegetarianism.



Can anyone turn to living foods and become... vegan? Doesn't this sometimes lead to deficiencies?

In principle, yes, most people can follow this diet. However, for those who suffer from allergies or digestive problems, live foods can be prepared in such a way as to make them easier to assimilate.

As for deficiencies, if you eat foods based on 'High Vitality' products every day, they won't occur.



The 3 V rule: Plant, Living, Varied



What are the best representatives of living foods, the 'High Vitality' products?

I'd mention sprouts, germinated seeds, which are rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals and provide so much energy, and fresh pollen.

EnergysoupFresh wheatgrass juice also provides an unequalled level of nutrition, vitality and health. Vegetable juices, mainly green, are energising, have a high nutritional value and contain vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, strengthen the immune system, provide oxygen to tissues...

Organic, raw fruit, white and green cabbage, nuts and cereals blended and combined for the easiest digestion and the greatest benefits, and Rejuvelac.

Are you also talking about Energy Soup?

It's an energy soup, rich in nutrients thanks to the sprouted seeds and young shoots it contains. What's more, it's anti-viral because it contains seaweed (sea or freshwater) and Rejuvelac.




What is Rejuvelac exactly?

Rejuvelac is a fermented drink made from quinoa or cabbage. Like all lacto-fermented products, Rejuvelac boosts the immune system, fights constipation, diabetes, asthma, gout attacks and ulcers.... It also helps to lower blood pressure. Other lacto-fermented products include sauerkraut, nut and seed cheeses and kimchi (originally from Korea, kimchi is made from chilli and lacto-fermented vegetables).

Living foods are apparently linked to the body-heart-spirit trio. Why is this? What activities can, or should, be combined with a living foods diet? Gentle gymnastics, yoga, hiking...

Yes, if you want your immune system to be at its best, you need to know how to strike a balance between body, heart and mind.

A positive attitude combined with good hydration, good breathing, a healthy sleep and a healthy diet are the keys to a healthy immune system.



At Vitam'Inn, your living foods centre in Vers-Pont-du-Gard, you take on trainees. What's a day or even a stay like with you?

A stay at Vitam'Inn consists of a week-long detox, from Sunday to Saturday.

On the dietary side, morning lemon juice, daily herbal juice, the benefits of which, like those of high vitality products, are presented in theory and practice, green vegetable juices, smoothies, etc.

On the practical side, there are recipe workshops to help you create your own healthy recipes, including salads, sauces, various nuts, raw soups, plant-based milks, granolas and desserts...

Wellness also means being able to combine dieting with the pleasure of rest, meditation and hiking in the region. And why not consider a swimming pool or massage session, or even reflexology or a naturopathy or osteopathy consultation? The programme is vast and can be adapted to suit each individual.

The little extra to get you off to a good start: the discovery weekend!


Thanks to Patricia Kersulec for her contribution to this article.

The right address: Patricia Kersulec, Vitam'Inn, 673, Chemin de Valsonnière, Vers-Pont-du-Gard. Tel: 07 68 37 34 52,


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