Have a stroll around the Domaine d'Escattes

Around Nîmes, on the Courbessac side, lays the Domaine d'Escattes.

A vast walk in the heart of the garrigue, the Domaine d'Escattes recalls the exploitation of the Mas which gives it its name.

Bandeau domaine d'escattes©nb UzEssentielThe Mas of the Domaine d'Escattes was in fonction since the 18th century. It then extends its whole surface into the garrigue of Nîmes, including the garrigue of Rachalan, which recalls the time when the area was transformed and the previously uncultivated land was covered with vines, olive groves, almond trees. The Rachalan is the name of the agricultural worker employed to cultivate and maintain the land, and a typical Nîmes character.

The Domaine, which is property of the city of Courbessac since 1998, now covers more than 90 hectares, and is  part of a territory-based project.

In today's Domaine d'Escattes, there are still capitelles, dry stone walls, but also experimental olive plots (a collection of 22 Gard varieties representing 1850 trees, spreading over 5 olive groves (or olivettes) for a surface area of 7.5 hectares more information)....

Walkers can hike on marked paths, a welcome breath of fresh air in the middle of nature.

The Nîmes Métropole Urban Community and the municipalities it covers have set up this network of walks. It enables every kind of walkers to discover the different landscapes, the natural site and historical heritage of Nîmes Métropole.

The right address : Allée du Mas d'Escattes, Courbessac.

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