Poésie de galets, pebbles creation made in Sylvie Bertrand

FR - Creating frames with pebbles, what a surprising idea! Discovered during our visit to the Séquence boutique in Uzès, Poésie de galets is a source of inspiration, giving their right place to these small, rounded, smooth fragments of rock.


poesie de galetsLET'S CHAT


FR - Hello Sylvie, delighted to welcome you to the Lifestyle of UzEssentiel.com. How long have you been creating frames using pebbles and, above all, how did you come up with the idea of using these small stones as the main elements of your creations?

It all started in Andalusia, where I lived for 12 years. I had a shop in a tourist village where I sold various creations. I lived a stone's throw from the seaside. I loved walking around there to discover small 'treasures', such as pebbles, polished glass and driftwood.

At first I made silver jewellery with all my finds and then, one day, in my studio, I started composing tiny stories by combining pebbles and glass.

Have you always been an artist or do you combine this activity with another profession?

I've been lucky enough, I had several professional lives, depending on the country I've lived in. And for the 3 years I've been in France, I've lived solely from my craft.

How do you choose the theme for your frames? Do the colour and size of the pebbles suggest the setting to come?

I choose the pebble first and foremost for what it evokes in me, then according to its shape and colour. I try to create an atmosphere, to suggest an emotion through themes from life that are close to my heart.


poesie de galetsYou're more attracted by nature and join sometimes in some frames little people, a swing, tiny houses, a dog and a cat. Can anyone order a work from you?

​​​​​​​First, yes I'm quite attracted by scenes of nature, family, love and animals. All these themes thrill and inspire me. And yes again, to answer your question, I do sometimes work to order.

Which pebbles do you like best? We mainly see rolled pebbles in warm colours, with a few blacks and greys... Where do you find them?

Since I moved to France, I've worked mainly with river pebbles because I find them more varied than beach pebbles. I find them in the streams around where I live.

These pebbles are sometimes worked in conjunction with polished glass, which adds a layer of light to the scene depicted. What other materials do you use in your compositions?

I've been picking and drying plants for some time now, to create even more authentic paintings that are closer to nature.

How long does a frame take you? From conception to completion?

It depends a lot on how long it takes to find the raw material... Then I compose my subject. It can take between 1 to 3 hours to make finish the work.


poesie de galets​​​​​​​We discovered you at the The Séquence boutique, in the heart of craftsmanship in Uzès. Where else can we find your creations?

On my Instagram site @poesiedegalets, but also at designer markets and other weekly events.

From Sète to Lourmarin, via Gordes or Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and, of course, the beautiful town of Uzès.

So if you want to meet me, it's best to send me a message to find out which market I'm at.


Thanks to @Sylvie Bertrand.

Contact: bersylvie22@gmail.com.

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