The Sautadet waterfalls, XXL version

Following the recent storms, it rumbles, bubbles and swirls in the Sautadet waterfalls. Now is the time to cautiously admire, this succession of chutes, cavities and alveoli dug in the limestone by the Cèze river.

About 500 meters wide and with a drop of around ten meters, the river has carved out its path with force and violence.


cascades du sautadet©Corine Meyer


by Corine Meyer

(FR) One will be impressed by the speed of the rapids, the power of the tumultuous waters and amazed by the beauty of these natural sculptures and the organic shapes of these “marmites”. Moreover, when we know that the nickname of the place is “the devil’s jump”, there is no more doubt. This place leaves no one indifferent!

As if this was not enough, you should know that this site is located in La Roque-sur-Cèze, a town classified among the “most beautiful villages in France”. Built on a rocky peak, the hamlet can be explored on foot. The climb through the narrow streets is full of charm. At the top, you reach the medieval castle (private property) where you will be able to admire the panorama while catching your breath. It is definitely worth the effort!


On the practical side, you can park in the paid car park at the foot of the village to visit the two sites. From the parking lot, you reach the waterfalls by walking under one of the 12 arches of the imposing historic monument that is the Charles Martel bridge, built between the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the 16th century, with ten round arches, a slight hump in the middle and triangular overhangs protecting its piers from the force of the current.. French National Heritage since 1980, the bridge has nonobstantly been damaged by the heavy rain and rise of September 2002 and had to be fix.

Another option, which I highly recommend, is to park at Saint-Michel d'Euzet. Then, follow the well-marked hiking path towards the waterfalls. It’s an easy, lightly shaded 6 miles loop through vineyards and fields that will take you to the falls. Particularly beautiful when the lavenders are in bloom or in autumn when the vines are adorned with their seasonal colors, this walk can be accompanied by a picnic on the banks of the Cèze. What could beat this?


acscades du Sautadet©Corine Meyer


Combining the hike, the visit of both banks of the waterfalls as well as La Roque-sur-Cèze, you will have walked about ten kilometers, and will return home with magnificent images in your head and the feeling of having spent a few hours out of this world. Enjoy!

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