The Florentin patina of Catherine Parant

FR - In her furniture restoration workshop settled in Aubussargues, Catherine Parant started a brand new adventure : the Florentin patina.


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Hello Catherine,

The Florentin patina is a new adventure for you. How did you to this new discipline?

The Florentin patina is a renovation technic that has always attracted me, even when I was not an art craftman. Showing the passage of time on old furniture and even on new one is very interesting.

I had the chance to train myself with a Florentin master in Italy, near Firenze and this helped me to get started. I learned the technique of this delicate work, so stylish.

After working on the Florentin patina in my workshop for months, I have scheduled to go back in Italy to continue my training with the same master.



The "patinatura Fiorentina" gives the furniture or any object a country look, very shabby, with a vintage touch.

The colors used are a variation of pastel with soft shades.



The Florentin patina really shines in the house, giving the elegant touch so in fashion today. How do you do it?

I have my own "recipe" to prepare the furniture. I use Meudon white, albumin, different colors of animal glues and natural pigments, like in the 18th century.

The pigments I found in Italy and in France (in Rousillon for example, in the Luberon) are of a great help to obtain the right shade. Today, I prefer to concentrate on sober colors, like the heather grey, the bluish even the beige. But I am open to any suggestion. If you prefer a different shade for your furniture, I can adapt myself.


Where do you find the furniture you restore?

For the moment, I find all my furniture in flea markets, garage sales and antiques, even on the web. I contribute greatly to the mixity of my creations.

I am not limited to furniture. I can take care of a painting frame, a mirror and chandelier. I love being able to give a second chance to old and original pieces.


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We can see some of your work in Uzès, in Nomades by Coco (rue du 4 septembre). Where else can we see your restored furniture ?

Yes, Nomades by Coco gave me the opportunity to present my work. Very soon I will present my work in my own showroom, near my workshop. I am working on exposing my furniture on the Saturday craftmen market of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, a good way to present the training sessions I propose too.




The "patinatura Fiorentina" ? An old technique for lacquering the furniture with colorful and luminous paint,

reminding us the Tuscany chromacity of the Renaissance (



My new interactive website will present my work and the different training sessions programmed. It will be like a showcase of my restoration activity. Our rental cottage is a showcase too, like our home. If you want any piece of furniture, just ask if it's for sale!

My recent collaboration with the Nomades by Coco shop in Uzès is also a good way to present my restored furniture. Every collaboration is carefully studied, leading to a success for each part. If UzEssentiel readers want some more information, they can contact me.


Many thanks to Catherine for her collaboration with this article.

The right address: Atelier La Pierre Marine, 4 chemin de la rivière, Aubussargues,

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