Driving a sporting car at the Lédenon racing circuit

It's decided, a lap or two around the Lédenon circuit is on the cards.

Warm up the engine, fasten your seatbelt, are you ready? 3...2...1... Go!


FERRARI©NB UzEssentielRacing at 90 miles

FR - Just over 22 kms from Uzès, the village of Lédenon is dominated by a beautiful castle, whose origins go back to the 12th century.

If you continue to climb towards the heights of the village, we reach the Lédenon motor racing circuit.

Created by Jean-Claude and Sylvie Bondurand, two motor sport enthusiasts, it opened in 1973 and the first lap was taken by around thirty cars in the legendary Matra Bagherra*.

From 1977 onwards, there was a succession of races following one another: Production, Supertourism, Formula Renault... As the years went by, the competitions were renewed and also welcomed motorbikes, a driving school*...



Did you know that the Lédenon circuit has some very special features?

Yes, it does! First of all, it is the "most undulating, twisty and technical circuit in France".

To get the most out of it, don't hesitate to play with the gear lever (38 gear changes are required, according to the specialists).

Second... "It's also the only circuit that runs anti-clockwise"*.

 What cars are on the starting line?

Here are just a few examples: Alpine A110, Aston Martin Vantage, Ferrari F8 Tributo, MacLaren720 S, Lamborghini Huracan, Porsche 992 or Formula Renault 2.0...

For juniors drivers we find BMW M2, Lamborghini A, Alpine, Porsche Boxster...


almicar©NB UzEssentiel

The main track on the Lédenon circuit? Just over 3 kms long, the main track measures "between 9 and 12 m wide, with a straight stretch of over 34 m", and has numerous bends, each one of them with its own name: the triple left, the bridge bend, the carrierasse, the truck, the cavalet, the servie, the cuvette. Of course, all of this put drivers' dexterity to the test.

As for the 1.5 km secondary track, this is where the driving courses are organised.

Tempted? You can organised courses and baptisms by booking your own driving session on the circuit's website. Good to know: junior courses are also organised.

The right address: Circuit de Lédenon, on the heights of Lédenon. Tel: 04 66 37 11 37, info@ledenon.com.

Source: *wikipedia.

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