Visiting Les délices du Scamandre, a local agricultural exploitation

FR - Situated between land and sea, Les délices du Scamandre is a living tribute to Camargue life and local product.


Les délices de Scamandre©nb UzEssentiel


Close to the eponym reserve, the agricultural exploitaton extends over more than 400 hectares, with the breeding of di biou bulls on one side and farming on the other.

Some 350 head of cattle live in total freedom and benefit from the alfalfa, hay, barley, oats and broad beans grown on the farm.



Are you familiar with faba beans? "Although the geographical origin of faba beans is uncertain

we assume that it developed near the shores of the Caspian Sea.

Consumed by man in the Neolithic period as a vegetable in the Near East,

the  bean is now grown all over France, as a head crop, intercropping crop or cover crop.

A protein-rich forage plant it is now mainly used for animal feed".



At Les délices du Scamandre, several hectares of land are devoted to organic and HVE (High Environmental Value) farming: First we find organic IGP de Camargue rice, a typical Camargue product, 'manobi', then chickpeas, both well adapted to the climate. There is also some soft wheat for the chickens. Les délices du Scamandre products have been awarded the Militant du goût and Sud de France labels, and are sold in France but also abroad, in countries such as Japan.



What is the High Environmental Value? This is "the 3rd (and highest) level of environmental certification for farms...

This label, which adds value... in the same way as "mountain product" or "farmhouse product"... is a voluntary initiative,

is a voluntary initiative. There are different levels of environmental certification :

farmers to commit to a process of progress in their farming practices in terms of respect for biodiversity,

phytosanitary strategy, fertilisation management, water resource management, etc. "**.



While the estate's bulls are fighting animals, others are selected for their meat (sausages, sweet chorizo, ham and dried bull meat, not to mention marbled meat, etc).

Les délices du Scamandre is also, and above all, a family affair... The owners' daughter will go to Spain to learn about the various specialities relating to bulls, studies that don't exist in France. On her return to Mas Madame, she will be able to put her learning to good use, continuing the work on the estate and supporting other farmers.

The right address: Anne-Marie and Olivier Riboulet, Les délices du Scamandre (opposite the stork tower), 11951 route des Iscles, 179 Mas de madame D, 30800 Saint-Gilles. Worth knowing: Shop open all year round on the farm, from 9.30am to the evening. Possibility of visiting the farm and/or organising discovery days or meals (minimum 15/20 people).

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