Hiking with a twist!

Each of us has a thousand and one good reasons to love hiking. Whether it is well-being, the pleasure of a moment of communion with nature, the discovery of new places or beautiful landscapes...




The sculptures on the paths

Eternité (Eternity)... No beginning, no end, only skies and infinite cycles, by designer Ben Swildens.

La sorcière aux plantes (The plants witch)... The wild woman in the heart of nature, of Catherine Ursin.

L'Oculus du Castellas (The Castellas' Oculus)... Weaving, creating, passing on by Valérie Lavaure



paper & photos by Corine Meyer


FR - The Belvézet hikes that I am describing today will fulfill all your expectations and more. These are 2 art and nature trails (4.5 km/2h and 6km/2h30) where you will see 18 art projects created by local artists. As you go, it is a lot of fun to discover these unique artworks, diverse and perfectly integrated into the landscape.

The association “De Quoi On Se Mêle” created these trails entitled “La draille des Seynes”. The Seynes is the river which runs through the village and the draille is the name of the track taken by the herds of sheeps during their transhumance.

To top it all off, know that the village of Belvézet which is made up of 5 hamlets, has a charming architectural heritage. You will admire beautiful buildings, the Saint-André church, wash houses, wells and crosses and even the ruins of the castle, which origins go back to the 12th c, which overlooks the valley.

So, put on your hiking shoes, bring a bit of curiosity and head to the Arbousier car park for the beginning of the trail!

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