​​​​​​​Les Vignerons Engagés, the First French Sustainable Winegrowing

FR - The Les Vignerons Engagés association (French Sustainable Winegrowing) with CRS certification (Corporate social responsibility (CSR), was created in 2010, following the 2007 initiative of few wine growers cooperatives looking to the future and wishing to change wine production.

Logo enThe association today

Having opened its doors to private wineries in 2016, and co-created Le collectif de la 3e voie (The 3rd way French collective for sustainable agriculture) in 2019, the association counts today more than 6 000 wine-growers and wine workers, and more than 90 AOP (what should stand for the French Protected designation of origin).

12 commitments to follow

From winegrowing to the wine in your glass, Les Vignerons Engagés association (Sustainable Winegrowing) proposes to follow 12 specific commitments.

1 - Saving natural resources (water being the first to be preserved), 2 - protecting biodiversity, 3 - reducing the use of phytosanitary products, 4 - encouraging ecodesign and reducing waste (82% of each cellar waste is recycled or reused, 5 - fighting the climate change (through new packaging, energy saving…), 6 – ensuring traceability with certified wineries, 7 – producing healthy wines, 8 – stimulating local jobs, 9 – helping creating local jobs, 10 – developing community and solidarity-based links (supporting local heritage for example), 11 – encouraging short supply chains by selling directly at the winery or in local shops, and last but not least 12 – paying the produce at its right price.

Vdd 227 sur 448What truly means this First French sustainability in wine industry today ?

Les Vignerons Engagés, that is a total of 31 800 ha (and growing), 1 wine bottle sold every 5 s in more than 50 countries, 4.2 % of the French vineyard and 3.8 % of the French wine annual production. It also means 30 IGP Protected geographical indication (PGI).

An eco-label from the vineyard to the glass

Taking into consideration the product life cycle and guaranteeing a quality charter from wine to glass (the RSE label - sustainable development and agriculture), the association is growing fast, with 8 French regions taking active part in it :  Loire Valley, Champagne, Burgundy, Rhône Valley, Provence, South West of France, the Bordelais and Languedoc-Roussillon.

Did you know ? 3 vineyards from the Gard are part of the association : the Saint Maurice Cellar, the Tavel and Lirac wine growers (photo) and the Vignerons Créateurs (Creative wine growers).

Thanks to Iris Borrut, Directrice des opérations at the Vignerons Engagés, for her collaboration

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