The AFAHC-Occitania, the French Association for Trees and Hedges

The AFAHC is a leading association which is reflecting on  how to protect the environment, as biodiversity, ecology are words that come up every day from some years now.

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Awareness of individuals, but as well of companies and industries, the environment is now a priority for many.

On different levels, everyone can participate in the protection of the ecosystems that surround us, whether in their garden, the region, the country.


The AFAHC is involved in "more than 500 projects per year in the agricultural world, communities and landowners in rural areas".


"Trees outside the forest provide many useful and vital services: depollution, oxygenation, soil conservation and fertility, local climate regulation, source of biodiversity, landscape quality, etc.) Planting and sustainably managing hedges and field trees to protect biodiversity and fight against climate change are the objectives of the AFAHC-Occitania and its members".


Training, publications, projects, the AFAHC, with a network of 15 associations and organisations in Occitania (such as the "cooperative and participative company specialising in the study and development of agroforestry systems" Agroof in the Gard region), plays a major role in educating everyone, alongside partners such as the Yves Rocher Foundation's Tree Fund and its many members.


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Did you know?

The Afac-Agroforestry network means that "more than 3 million trees and shrubs have been planted since the 1990s in Occitania in collaboration with farmers, individuals and communities".


The AFAHC's collecting season

Currently, "member structures are in the middle of the local plant seed collecting season and will be organising participatory hedge planting projects this winter". If you are interested in the subject, do not hesitate to visit the page dedicated to the different structures on the AFAHC Occitanie website, in order to contact the members for further information.


Many thanks to Adèle Vandtorhoudt, Network Coordinator and Afahc-Occitania project manager, for her collaboration on this article.
Source : more information, contact : AFAHC occitanie,

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