Have a stroll around Euzet-les-bains

FR - Euzet-les-Bains is located halfway between Alès and Uzès and starts offering a nice view of the Cévennes.

Chateau euzetIf a Roman camp chose to reside on its heights, as archaeological ruins show, it is the caves near the village that have served as a haven for maquisards, such as Jean Cavalier, one of the revolt's main leaders, who stores food and ammunition there between 1702 and 1704 * (to visit them, to follow the way of the caves).

Euzet-les-Bains became a reference in thermal tourism in the 19th century, with the such springs called "La Marquise", inside the establishment itself, "La Comtesse" for the swimming pool heated by the rays of the sun, or that of "La Valette" in the park, and intended to be the refreshment room " **

Did you know ? Between 1875 and 1912, the place was directed by Louis Perrier, a native of the commune of Domessargues, 16 kilometers from Euzet, and a doctor. His name is inextricably linked with "Perrier mineral water" as he was the owner of the Bouillens springs in Vergèze.

The village castle, a relic of a more opulent era, overlooks a park with an old-fashioned and slightly tropical charm, thanks to the presence of a lovely bamboo grove.

After leaving the castle, we arrive at the small church of Saint-Martin, a much-loved saint in the region. The church, which was rebuilt in the nineteenth century in the same location as the previous structure, takes advantage of the municipal garden's proximity.

Bandeau jardin euzetThe mayor of Euzet, Michel Chevrolat, was inspired by the past thermal tourism and the presence of numerous wells when he decided to create in 2011 a community garden on the theme of Au fil de l'eau (run of the river), a true haven of peace and greenery.

There's also the temple to visit (only from the outside nevertheless), which was built in 1839 with stones from a nearby quarry.


Source : *Protestant Museum, **Cévennes Magazine no 1865 (9 April 2016), Tourism in Euzet-les-Bains

Also worth a visit is the cellar of Euzet of the wine growers of La capitelle, located near the departmental road.

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