Bandeau gorges du gardon depuis le pont de collias et la maison du castor nb 01 09 2022

The house of the beaver, in Collias

French version - A brand new creation of the Syndicat mixte des gorges du Gardon, The house of the beaver (Collias), opened recently, 1st of August.

A long term project

A long term project launched some 15 years ago, the House of the beaver of Collias is built where was once an excise duty house.

IExtrait du film documentaire sur le castor nbt took 4 years to create the museum we visit today, 320 m2 which litterally melt with the surrounding nature, the well protected and preserved gorges du Gardon.

Have a look at the beaver and his little one, a sculpture of French artist Pascal Josse and his Adess team, known for their great jobs on so many other international museums

Completing the touristic offer of the Maison des gorges du Gardon in Sainte-Anastasie, where to learn more about the wildlife reserve of the gorges du Gardon, the house of the beaver takes about 1 h 30 to visit.

Through well explained panels (yes, they are written in English too), about 20 interactive activities, a documentary, and a stunning scenery on the river nearby, you will surely become an expert about the beaver in France, and more specially, here in the Gardon, where 50 beavers live nowadays.

Les jardins bois ecorce nb7 dedicated spaces

7 dedicated spaces, fantastic footbridges, gardens (look at the wood, peeled and cut in whistle), where to walk and learn that the beaver was almost extinct in Europe at the end of the 19th c, and that the 50 individuals inhabiting the Gardon today, and where they lived some 15 000 years ago, are the descendants of the 270 who were reintroduced in the Rhone river early 20th c.

Did you know ?

The beaver, the biggest rodent in Europe, is the national emblem of Canada since 1975.

The Maison du castor is as well respectful of environmental protection, using local raw material (locust and chestnut trees were used, as well as stone coming from the quarry of Vers Pont du Gard for the dry stone walling) and photovoltaic panels, for example.

What else ?

The Maison du castor has his own theatre, the Théâtre de verdure, which can welcome up to 120 persons. A great place for concerts, theatre, or any cultural animations.

The K’-Store is where to find books, and local food and the K'S-Dalle, where to enjoy some refreshment.

Learn more about the activities of the Syndicat mixte des gorges du Gardon checking on its agenda.

The right address : La Maison du castor, 2 route de Nîmes (just after the bridge), Collias. Opened from 1st of March to 31st of October, Wednesday to Sunday, 10 h to 18 h. 6€, 4€ (from 6 to 17 years old, students, unemployed, and groups over 15 persons). Good to know : Combine ticket with the Maison des gorges du Gardon, Sainte-Anastasie.

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