Catherine Roger's sunny tart from Terres d'Uzès

The weather invites you to enjoy your home with a touch of deliciousness.

How about a little sunny tart to warm you up?

Tarte soleil de Terres d'Uzès©Terres d'UzèsFR - All you need is some Terres d'Uzès jam (why not an organic Citre/orange/4 spices!) between two puff pastries, preferably organic.


Spread the jam, cut and create the rays of sunshine with the puff pastry, taking care to leave enough pastry in the centre for the heart.

In total, you can make between 12 and 16 twists.

Place in the oven for about 30 mins at 180°.

For the jam? Organic quince, orange and 4 spices, organic quince, orange, lemon, honey and spices, or the Christmas special: quince, figs, oranges, almonds and 4 spices...

Good to know: This recipe can also be the salty way. You can choose the creamy Apéro-Tartines or Confits salés to brighten up your day!

About Terres d'Uzès : Catherine and Pascal Roger grow fruit, vegetables and herbs organically, all adapted to the Mediterranean climate. They're also chefs, and big fans of local produce. They combine beauty, goodness and creativity to give you a taste of the excellent local produce. Their products? Jams, syrups, sorbets, apérô-tartines, confits and chutney are cooked from their harvest.


Many thanks to Catherine Roger of Terres d'Uzès for sharing this recipe.

The right address: Terres d'Uzès, Serre de la Cabane, Arpaillargues. Tel: 06 79 21 64 31. Contact:

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