The mimosa? Love at first sight!

Although I am the emblem of Women's Day in Italy, I did not wait for this to be admired.


mimosa du jardin©nb uzessentiel

I first pleased the British. When Captain James Cook found me in my distant homeland, Australia, he brought me back home, on the return of his first expedition (1768/1771) in which he was joined by two botanists.

Then I was introduced to the French at the very beginning of the 19th century by the French captain and explorer Nicolas Baudin.


I announce spring

I announce spring, yes, and I illuminate gardens and parks. My bright yellow, my intense fragrance (found, for example, in Chanel's Nº5) brings sunshine into homes.


We sometimes hear that the Mimosa blooms in winter because it has kept the memory of its flowering date in Australia...



I am a member of the acacia family and my common name is acacia dealbata, but you may know me simply as the mimosa or silver mimosa.

From my native land, south-eastern Australia, I keep the excessiveness and I can grow up to over 10 metres high.

A much as I love the sun, I truly hate the wind. You can grow me without any worry as I am very easy to control, I grow quickly and I am equally at home indoors or outdoors.


In the Flower language

Chrysanthemums symbolise fragile feelings, dahlias symbolise generosity and lilies of the valley symbolise happiness and joy. For my part, I represent sensitivity and fragility.

Source : Acacia dealbata

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