Bourdaloue-style fruit cake shared by Cynthia Sanchez, chef at the Bistro Léone in Nîmes

To celebrate the fall season, Cynthia Sanchez, chef at Bistro Léone in Nîmes, is gently awakening our taste buds with a recipe featuring figs. Yummy!

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Good to know: Bistro Léone in Nîmes offers "fresh, tasty cuisine inspired by seasonal produce,

Provençal and Mediterranean culture and the richness of the region, not to mention a selection of artisan,

organic, biodynamic and natural wines".



Bourdaloue-style fruit cake, a recipe by Camargue chef Cynthia Sanchez



The Bourdaloue tart, or amandine tart with pears, is an iconic French pastry recipe.

It owes its name to the rue Bourdaloue in Paris,

where it is said to have been created in the second half of the 19th century.

Who created it? That depends. The pastry chef Bourgoin from Lesserteur for some,

or his successor, pâtissieur Fasquelle (wikipedia).

Today, the Bourdaloue tart likes to vary its flavours:

while the pear version remains the most classic,

apricots, chocolate... are sometimes added to the recipe.



Bistro Léone©Nicolas BuissonIngredients

100g hazelnut powder, 100g hazelnut butter, 100g white sugar, 70g buckwheat flour, 100g whole eggs (2 eggs), 4 small white figs cut in 2.



1- Beat the eggs with the sugar (make them white).

2- Mix the flour with the hazelnut powder.

3- Mix the first preparation well with the second.

4- Add the hazelnut butter, warm and liquid.


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5- Pour the preparation into individual ramekins (as in this recipe) or into a large pie dish, as follows: Place the open figs on top and carefully add the mixture, leaving the figs visible.

6- Bake at 160º C for about 25 min (the cake should have a soft, slightly caramelised texture on top). The knife tip technique is always good!


The fruit can be changed according to the season: plums, mirabelles, pears (the traditional recipe), bananas (yes!), yellow peaches...

Pair the recipe with a local wine :

The Bourdaloue cake can be enjoyed with Marc Kreydenweiss's Cuvée Or Ange in Costières de Nîmes, in Manduel, a macerated white wine with a velvety yet firm texture, lightly aromatic, with notes of quince, persimmon and nuts. A treat while avoiding the sugar... ​​​​​Or... even a slightly sweet wine, such as Cartagène de Mourgues du Grès, which goes best with red plums or black figs.

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Special thanks to chef Cynthia Sanchez and Bistro Léone for their contribution to the recipes section of this blog.

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