Having a walk in Cornillon

Located around thirty kilometres from Uzès and just 17 from Bagnols-sur-Cèze, the village of Cornillon overlooks the Cèze valley from its promontory.

The castle of this medieval village and the old streets that surround it are the place to be to spend a charming afternoon in the heart of a truly historic atmosphere.


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At the entrance to the village, Saint-Pierre church is like the gateway to the area. Built close to the castle and its walls, it is used as an exhibition space for a large nativity scene at Christmas.

A few steps away, we can see some sarcophagi from the early Middle Ages lying dormant near the cemetery.





The Valcèzard community of communes regroups 16 villages between Cèze and Ardèche



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A little further up the village is the castle, whose origins go way back to the 14th century. All that remains of that time when it belonged to Guillaume de Beaufort, brother of Pope Clement VI, is the base of the keep, some ramparts and the square tower.

The "40 rooms, 2 chapels and 6-storey keep tower" are no more, because in the 17th century, when it belonged to Duke Henri II de Montmorency, Governor of Languedoc, the castle was destroyed in retaliation for the squire's intrigue against Richelieu.

Since 1679, it belongs to the de Silbert family, but occasionally it comes back to life for a theatrical performance. The troupe that plays there then finds an incomparable stage.

Continuing our walk, and before going on a walk through the medieval streets, we reach the highest part of the village, which offers some splendid views over the region, like along the walls. A great photo opportunity!


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Blason de la ville de cornillon

Worth seeing: The little chapel of Saint-Sauveur, near the hamlet of Saint-Gély.

Worth knowing: Guillaume de Beaufort's son, Pierre Roger de Beaufort, became the Pope Gregory XI in 1370.

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