The climbing rocks of La Capelle and Masmolène

FR - The mineral site of the rocks of La Capelle and Masmolène is a nature getaway for the whole family.

Vue capelle masmolene©nb UzEssentielle rhinoceros©nb UzEssentielWhether it is for hiking or climbing, you will not be disappointed by the visit.

The paths that run through this private property, which is open to the public (as long as you follow the instructions at the entrance : good behaviour, environmental friendly, etc), weave their way between rocks that sometimes resemble animals from the savannah, as is the case with the rhinoceros.

There are also geological surprises such as the 1,001-sided rock, with slightly quilted white traces, the pygmy roof, balancing on its base, and even the canyon...

The signs that guide the visitor to the massive climbing blocks (2 to 8 m high) also lead to a fantastic view, at the very top of the site, coverint the plain where the vineyards can be seen.

Did you know: The Cevennes wine, Protected Geographical Indication of la Capelle Masmolène since 2009 can be red, rosé and white.

panorama la capelle©nb UzEssentielFrom certain panoramas, enjoy a great view on La Capelle et Masmolène, and especially on the feudal castle of the 11th century, former summer residence of the Bishops of Uzès.

The sandstone rocks so appreciated by rock-climbers (there seem to be some 300 ways to climb) which dominates La Capelle and Masmolène has quite an imposing presence. As its appearance changes with time, seasons and colours, changing from grey to ochre, it is a paradise for photos lovers!

Other indications lead you to footpaths showing you the way to Saint-Victor-des-Oules, 6 kms away, and its remarkable garden (one of the most beautiful gardens in France since 2015), to Saint-Hippolyte-de-Montaigu, almost 5 kms away, or to Vallabrix, 7 kms away.

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