A hike with a view at the castellas of Saint-Anastasie

FR - This is certainly one of my favorite hikes in the area because it allows you to reach the Castellas belvedere where the view of the meander of the Gardon, in the shape of a horseshoe, is breathtaking! It is reminiscent of the famous Colorado “Horseshoe Bend”.


Panorama gardon balade with a view uzessentiel


FR - From the height of 170 m, the limestone cliffs on which one is standing to admire the view, are impressive and constitute a superb playground for climbers looking for thrills!


Balade with a view by corine meyer uzessentiel com juillet aout 2024The other strong point of this walk is that it can be adjusted to your needs and to the time that you have.

One option is a Russan-Le Castellas return trip of approximately 5km. The 2nd option is a 2 hours, 8.5km loop departing from Vic. For this 2nd option, start by following the Castellas direction. Once there, descend towards Russan via the GR. Finally, head back towards Vic.

In Russan, be sure to observe the “empègues” (stencils) which surround the doors of certain houses. This is a local tradition proposed by the village youths. Every year, before the votive fest, they go from house to house and sing a song (or sell “fougasses”) in order to collect a few euros which will allow them to party.

Families who participated in this fundraising will see the motif of the year affixed to their wall accompanied by the letters VLJ, “Vive la Jeunesse” or “Viù Lo Joven” in Occitan.


Balade with a view au gardon les fleurs sauvage uzessentiel


The entire walk takes place among wild flowers, on rocky paths, sometimes steep and not very shaded. Start early if you plan to do this hike during the summer and make the most of it!

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