Ô Potager, a great vegetable garden

FR - By a sunny day, UzEssentiel had the pleasure to visit Ô Potager along with the owners, Clarisse and Adrien.

O potager et coquelicotsA successful retraining

The vegetable garden is not a typical vegetable garden but a hydroponic garden.

Created by the couple in 2018, Ô Potager is set on a hectare patch of land, on the D981, near the Saint Maximin village.

After a business school for Adrien and a job in ready to wear for Clarisse, the call of the earth was stronger.Through internships in vegetable gardens and in well established hydroponic gardens, Clarisse and Adrien reach a sound experience.

It helped them to create their own hydroponic garden, while continuing learning with the local professional.  A know-how that allows Ô Potager to gain a significant success with the Uzès restaurants and private clients.

Potager 2What is Ô Potager exactly?

To begin with, Ô Potager is a gigantic aerial 1 000 m2 greenhouse, the best place for biological agriculture : there, we find tomatoes – about 70 varieties (red, green, pink, yellow…), different mustard plants, watercress, an abundance of aromatic herbs, and especially purple and thaï basil, chervil, chive… all that and even more on top of an underground technical installation which brings the necessary water and nutriments to this green, odorant and so tasty Noah’s ark.

I must admit : a bit of fresh mustard leaf is a real pleasure !

From February to November, the Ô Potager cultures bloom from the greenhouse to the field outside, between seedling to growth. And this year, you can even eat flowers ! Here is the Ô Potager selection : calendula, pansy, nasturtium,… Give it a try !

This year too, citrus fruits are going to start producing and we are eager to test the lime, the clementine…

Spring and summer shop

From Monday to Saturday, and Sunday morning, come and find what you need to cook a great meal with the Ô Potager harvest : strawberries, basil, lettuce, onions, potatoes, yellow, violet, orange…carrots, eggplants, beetroots, radish….

Fleurs de ciboulette et abeilleÔ Potager 3* partnerships

Ô Potager is working closely with most of Uzès restaurants - La Maison d’Uzès, Le Comptoir du 7, Les 3 canards, Le 80 jours, Le Petit Jardin, the Ten ou the Cercle rouge. Then there are La Table 2 Julien at Montaren-et-Saint-Serviers, the Hostellerie du Moulin at Remoulins and Au tracteur at Argilliers.

Its aromatic herbs are used by the local factory Parfum du sud in Vers Pont du Gard, where they are mix for tapenades, garlic cream and so many more.

And now, resting ?

From Novembre to December, it is time for the earth to lay quietly. But Clarisse and Adrien have still some work to do. The vegetable garden and its hydroponic installations need to be thoroughly cleaned, the cut plants go to compost, and the greenhouse is prepared to spend wintertime peacefully before next spring.

The right direction : Ô Potager, D 981 (just after the Saint Maximin junction), Vegetables and fruits counter is open from Monday to Friday from 10h to 13h and from 14h30 to 19h30, Saturday from 9h to 19h30 and Sunday from 9h to 13h. Phone number : 07 85 59 77 57, potageraquatique@gmail.com

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