L aphyllanthe 09 2021

L’Aphyllanthe, the cultural association of Aigaliers

French version - Founded in 2003, the association regroups members from Aigaliers, Foissac and Baron, and is open to members from other towns and villages around.

With its multiple activities, spreading from September to end of June, L’Aphyllanthe has a life of its own.

In the beginning it was the library

Started as a library, the association spreads its wings to various activities over the years.

A great companion for all family members, the association is a meeting place to share quality time in a peaceful environment.

Did you know ? The blue aphyllanthe in one of the typical species of the Mediterranean

Activities for kids and adults

During the week, gymnastics, pilates, yoga or trekking… You can also enjoy the reading club, where you can discuss over a book and review your reading list. You can also share your abilities and knowledge, such as knitting, sewing, playing cards and so on.

Each course lasting for about 28 sessions, you will have from September till June (not including school holidays) to complete your training.

Apart from those activities, the association is also keen to intervene with primary schools within the CLAS program (Contrat Local d’Accompagnement Scolaire, an accompanying scholar tuition).

What else you might ask ?

Well, workshops are programmed, such as the one dedicated to parenthood. There are also lots of animations for kids, and invitations to shows, for example « Les Founambules », at the Cratère theatre of Alès, as well as book reading at primary school, a pedagogic garden at the school of Foissac, a literary prize where kids were invited last year to read and select their favourite book. Needless to say that the event was a great success !

Drama or painting workshops are scheduled too and, each month, a visit or excursion : Come and book right away your tree climbing session at Saint-Quentin the 10th October, the visit to the Chauvet Cave next 21st November, or the exceptional discovery of the Truffières d’Uzès (the truffle being the black diamond of Uzès) the 4th December.

Reopening September 2021

Have you scheduled anything for the next months ? If not, you should really try the Nordic walking sessions, a brand new activity, or the Saturday pottery workshop, or even try climbing with your kids ! There is a well, dance for all, playing with balls, and so much more.

As you can see, the choice is wast.

You are more gourmet than a sports person ? Don’t feel sad, the Cuisine tournante activity (Turning kitchen you might say) is there for you and it will surely please many. It is the opportunity to meet know new people, cook together and…. taste all the good dishes prepared over a friendly lunch. Yummy !

A partners net

Working with the Communauté de Communes Pays d’Uzès and their libraries (do you know by any chance the wonderful Bibliobus ?), L’Aphyllanthe is active all around Aigaliers.

Have a look at the website right away and subscribe to the association. You will not be disappointed !

Thanks to Claude Huguet, president of L’Aphyllanthe, and to Jim Cluchey, for their collaboration with this article.

Thanks to Lynda for the reread.

More information on the website of the Association l’Aphyllanthe, or by calling : 04 66 22 10 20

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