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FR - We met Sylvie some months ago at a craft market, where she showed us her colourful creations. Customised coffee pods, cabochons, patchwork pockets, Sylvie's work is sure to brighten up your everyday life.


Hello Sylvie,

Delighted to welcome you in the Lifestyle section of the blog.

What was your life like before you embarked on the adventure of handcrafted jewellery? What made you decide to take the plunge?

I was born in Uzès and trained as a theatre costume designer, so I've always had an artistic bent. I have nurtured drawing, painting and sewing alongside my professional life.

In 2017, a serious illness put an end to my career. So I decided to rebuilt my life  by getting back into creating, among other things in 2019. I sometimes allow myself to think that it's a blessing in disguise...



Recycling and customisation are your hobbies. Are you self-taught or have you had any training?

I'm self-taught in all my creations. I love mixing materials. Recycling, gluing, cutting, assembling, sewing.... I let myself be inspired by the materials and the moment.

I can have periods when I'm not producing anything and be very prolific at other times.


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What are your favourite materials? Any favourite colours?

Red is the common thread running through most of my paintings.

The multitude of colours offered by coffee capsules allows me to diversify my jewellery. These colourful materials are the basis for the creation of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


Each of your creations is unique. Do you sometimes create jewellery for a special ordrer, with a very specific design or shape?

I never create the same piece of jewellery twice. Except, on request, if the materials and accessories are in stock.

Sometimes I get very specific orders. I set myself the challenge of getting as close as possible.



What has been your greatest creative challenge?

I was asked to create a unique piece, in this case a pair of earrings, for a wedding with a poppy theme. And I'm quite proud of the end result...


SB 8You take part in many craft markets. Can we meet you in the shop or is your instagram page @mes_creations_sb.8 your main shop window?

Yes, you can find my creations on my instagram page , which is regularly updated with the dates and locations of the markets I attend. And I'm happy to answer private messages too!

And for those who don't have instagram yet, I also have a tumblr account on which I share all my creations.


Many thanks to Sylvie Boucarut for her collaboration on this article and the visuals passed on.

The right address: @mes_creations_sb.8.

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