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nb©nb UzEssentielFind out all the information about Uzès, its surrounding region, the Gard and even Occitania on UzEssentiel.com, and more especially on UzEssentiel.com in English.

Between culture, hobbies, local cuisine, shopping, interviews... and so much more !

French Editor and a passionate globe-trotter, I lived in Turkey, Greece, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and enjoyed many stays in Argentina too. Now living in the South of France, I enjoyed sharing my findings with the readers.

I am somewhat of a writer too, and I published two travel guides : Balades en Catalogne, hors des sentiers battus, to know better Catalonia, and Madrid : Dix escapades à partir de la capitale.

I published a novel for the youngest, La pierre picte, inspired by my travels to Ireland and Scotland, and a funny guide to learn more about the Whodunnit movies/series/books expressions and their translation in French, Sitting Duck.

UzEssentiel, it is also a website's name finder, Alain, a logo designer, Esteban, rereaders, Lina, Marie-Jeanne and Francis, and a photo partner, Salomé (@pay.attention.to.details).

Have fun reading the UzEssentiel papers, and don't hesitate to contact me through the contact form to propose an idea of article, ask for a paper on your activity or a place to go, or just for letting me know if you like my webzine.

Welcome to you all !


Good to know : Sometimes, DeepL Translator is used to help with the English papers.

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