Renée-Mireille Héaulmé, at the Galerie de l'Uzège

Living in Uzès for more than 12 years now, French painter Renée-Mireille Héaulmé is a self-taught artist with a very personal talent.

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The creative energy of Renée-Mireille Héaulmé leads us into a dreamlike, poetic world, where her paintings live in contact with a special homemade support, created from scratch by the artist, kind of natural leather made from canvas and paper. 

Renewal of creations over the years, series of works that reinvent themselves and follow the impulses of the brush, this is the universe of this French painter. One guesses, when looking at her painting, like the breath of the wind, the mineral soul of the rocks, the fragility of the boat posed on a shore...



At the art gallery of Uzège, 17 artists are exposed permanently



More than 50 years of research and imagination

Spotted by an art gallery in Nantes (Brittany), Renée-Mireille exhibited there for the first time in the 70s.

Since then, her painting evolved in technique, and the colors used. Canvases, pieces of painted paper where poems slipped on the back, sculptures in cardboard or paper, like these pebbles or branches of olive trees worked to make a decorative object like no other...


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A game of structures and colors put together, letting the sensations penetrate (D.Desnoues, Artension)

Renée-Mireille has an artistic and aesthetic fiber that help her transform everything she touches into a work of art *




Cadre©nb UzEssentielHighlighted in the Galerie de l'Uzège in Uzès, Renée-Mireille's paintings welcome the visitor and catch the eye.

The art lover discovers a boat resting on a beach with pebbles shining with salt water, ghostly silhouettes detached in a cavernous setting, or this special cardboard fabric which offers, between hollow and relief, a support that is undoubtedly an integral part of the work, as in this gradation of white to brick red, where shadows suddenly appear and seem doomed to an incandescent hell, while the vault invites to hope or serenity... There is also this character, bending under the strain of life or duty and this river bed, luminous despite the greyish atmosphere...

We should not forget, of course, these canvases of more modest dimensions but where gold competes for the attention of the visitor with the fiery orange.


Thanks to Renée-Mireille Héaulmé and Frédéric Petracca, from the Galerie de l'Uzège, for their collaboration to this article.

Have a look at the artist's instagram page @rmheaulme.

The right address: Galerie de l'Uzège, 6 rue Pélisserie, Uzès, @galeriedeluzege. The art gallery is open every day of the week from May to September.

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