The Chloé Paule's boutique and pottery workshop, in Uzes

Chloé Paule's shop and pottery workshop at the 25 rue de la Grande Bourgade in Uzès, with its ancient vaults and 1900s shop front, is the perfect place to start learning about pottery.

(FR) On the one side, you'll find Chloé's flowery and bluish-coloured creations, while on the other, there's a workshop where you can learn all the different techniques needed to become a top-class ceramist...

Follow us on a tour of the premises!


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Chloe boutique©ChloéPauleLET'S CHAT

Hello Chloé,
It's a pleasure to spend some time with you.
First of all, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I graduated from the Arts Décoratifs de Paris with a degree in textile design and scenography. My career began in ready-to-wear and accessories, which enabled me to design and develop textiles.

From 2000 onwards, I became increasingly involved in trends, design and communications, joining the fashion team at the Première Vision show.

Later, my position as artistic director directed my research and work towards objects: creating worlds for the home (crockery, furniture, textiles, lighting, decoration, design sets, etc.) and designing collections for major brands, SMEs and leading retailers. At the same time, I worked as a consultant in Parisian style offices.

You decided to set up your boutique/workshop on rue de la Grande Bourgade. Why did you make this choice? We know that potters like to meet up in Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, the capital of ceramics...

Quite simply, I came across a place that I liked and that met my expectations in terms of space.


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What training did you have to become a ceramist? Do you have a technique that attracts you more than another? Terms like stamping, raku, kiln drying, wood firing, etc. come to mind.

As a passionate ceramic artist, I love working with stoneware. I use a potter's wheel and model my pieces, where I engrave and draw using the sgrafitto technique. I enjoy creating ceramics that combine the rough with the refined.



In Italian, 'Graffio' means 'scratch' and 'Graffi' means 'stripe'. That says it all!

The principle is simple: a coloured slip is applied to a raw piece.

Once the slip has dried, a pattern or design is engraved by exposing the clay beneath the slip.

The decoration is formed by the difference in colour between the slip and the clay.

The "biscuit" is then fired and glazed with a transparent glaze... (le blog du



In 2021, when I discovered working with clay, I was captivated by this school of humility and patience. From there, I learnt how to shape clay, let it rest, then draw and engrave, before firing it, enamelling it and starting all over again...

I took courses with potters in Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie and at the CNIFOP (Centre international de formation aux métiers d'art et de la céramique). I savoured every moment of the pleasure of learning from the material and giving birth by moving from clay to form, with my own hands. Ceramics has allowed me to question what I've learned, to take risks, to change my bearings, and it gives meaning to my everyday gestures, providing a fascinating new medium in which to give free rein to my imagination.

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You sell your work with floral and marine motifs... Do you have a favourite colour? Orange and blue seem to come up a lot...

I've always loved and worked a lot with decoration, in different media: textiles, decoration, ceramics. I like to play with colours and graphics, and also offer plain pieces that resonate with the decor.

I don't have a favourite colour. My desires change with the seasons and the weather, and so do my materials. The designs, created in slip using the sgraffito technique on modelled or turned pieces, invite a tactile exploration of the motifs. The matt glaze of the stoneware brings sobriety and contrast to the unusual decorations.

The animal through art reveals a mythological universe tattooed in clay. A fantastic bestiary takes shape, combining plants and animals, with folk and Japanese influences.



How did you come to teach pottery, from beginners to advanced, and modelling? 

Teaching has been a regular part of my professional life, because I love passing on my passions and expertise.

Whether it's textiles, trends, decoration or, quite logically, pottery, sharing is very important to me, and I welcome all enthusiasts from the age of 15.

Now it's carte blanche. Would you like to add a comment?

I'll be taking part in the JMA (Journées des métiers d'art) in Uzès. I'll be giving demonstrations of ceramic decoration on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April, from 11am and 3pm. What's more, everyone can find the dates of my weekly classes and one-off workshops on my website and instagram. I regularly publish new dates!


Special thanks to Chloé Paule for her contribution to this article.

The right address: Atelier Chloé Paule, 25 rue de la Grande Bourgade, Uzès., @chloe_paule_.

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