The organic wines of the Saut du Loup, in Foissac

FR -  Aline Amalric's Saut du Loup wine estate in Foissac is above all about organic wines.


vins le saut du loup sur le marché d'Uzès©nb UzEssentiel


As part of the independent winegrowers ssociation, the Domaine du Saut du Loup has managed to find its clientele, thanks to its quality products with their own personality, which know how to stand out.



The T'aïmo red wine,

a flamboyant wine with a ruby colour and a hint of very ripe black fruit, violet and elderberry...

The mouth is ample, supple, juicy with redcurrant... (Terre de Vins)



vins le saut du loup sur le marché d'Uzès©nb UzEssentiel


Red, white and rosé, the organic wines of Aline Amalric, who has been at the head of the Domaine since her father left her the estate in 1999, are rich in flavour, combining flavour of the earth and fruitiness of the grape to perfection.

And while her father used to sell his wine in bulk, Aline decided to start selling labelled bottles.

Among the vintages, we find reds (such as La gueule du loup or T'aïmo), whites and rosés (such as Rosam, perfect for springtime or summer)... that combine strength and delicacy in the mouth.


Good to know: Find out more and taste the wines of the Domaine on Wednesdays and Saturdays, on the market of Uzès.

The right address: Domaine du Saut du Loup, 508 avenue de l'Europe, Foissac. Tel 04 66 37 17 68,

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