Avocado mousse with sheep cottage cheese from Lozère

This delicious cottage cheese from the region of Lozère is just perfect, equally yummy for sweet or salted recipes.

Want to find out more? Follow the steps of this new UzEssentiel recipe.


mousse d avocat philadelfia et fromage blanc de lozere©nb  UzEssentielRECIPE



2 ripe avocados, 200 g sheep cottage cheese, 150 creamy cheese (Philadelphia, Saint Moret), some brown sugar for the sweet recipe, a bit of salt for the salty recipe.



Mix the avocados pulp.

Whisk with the cottage cheese and the creamy cheese.

Add the sugar for the sweet version, or some salt for the salty one.

Pour in small glasses and place in the fridge for an hour or two.



Add some biscuits crumbs for the sweet mousse or some fried bacon crisps for the salty one.



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