Autumn hike near the Gardon

This beautiful fall weather calls for outdoor activity! Here is a 6 km loop, 1h45, in typical Uzège landscapes.


Hameau de Vic©Corine Meyerby Corine Meyer, 17/11/23

Departing from Vic, the path leads, through vineyards, to the Saint Nicolas de Campagnac bridge. The place to be to admire the Prieuré Saint-Nicolas, which has been reinvented as a multi-faceted place, elegantly combining guest rooms, art gallery, concert hall and even a temporary restaurant during the summertime...


From there, you just have to climb a bit and follow the cliffs of the Gardon. Those who suffer from fear of heights may not appreciate being so close to the edge...



About the Saint-Nicolas bridge : Built between 1245 and 1260, its structure had been elevated during the Second French Empire (1862).

During WW2, on the 24th of August 1944, the Wehrmacht had 2 arches blown up to cover their retreat... (wikipedia)



gardon©corine meyer


This is the most beautiful part of the trail but also the most difficult, because the path is very rocky.

However, the views of the bridge and the Gardon are superb.

Maybe it's a good time to reflect on the incredible floods of 2002 during which the bridge was submerged by 3 meters of water! What magnitude!

Finally, the path gently descends towards the charming hamlet of Vic.

Happy trails!

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