A stroll through the Terres de Rouvière in Nîmes

FR - Acquired by the city of Nîmes in 2018, this former military field used for target practice is located just as you enter the city from Uzès and Poulx.

In all, some 54 hectares of nature can be discovered on these Terres de Rouvière, which since their conversion and decontamination have become a haven of peace devoted to relaxation, between walks and discovering the local biodiversity.



Terres, because the site is located on a former agricultural activity

and rouvière, from rovoira, wooded land, where there were originally white oaks...



There are walks and hikes (2.4 km), a fitness trail (1.8 km) and a mountain bike trail (2.5 km) in the Bois des Rossignols, as well as games and picnic tables. The Terres de Rouvière, one of Nîmes' 7 natural areas, like the Domaine d'Escattes (see our article), is a great place for the whole family to discover.


What about biodiversity?

When the site was being developed, "the city's Biodiversity and Natural Spaces department carried out an initial survey of the fauna and flora on the site in 2020. Among the species present, it was possible to observe the kestrel on the large expanses of grassland"...

In all, or almost, "135 varieties of flowers, 34 varieties of crickets, grasshoppers and locusts, 21 butterflies, 7 dragonflies and damselflies, 31 birds and... 1 species of amphibian (source).


Want to discover these lands? So now it's up to you to put together your own walking programme!


Sources, more information.

Consult the practical and regulatory guide to the garrigue.

The right address: Chemin des Terres de Rouvières, Nîmes. 2 car parks: one at Chemin des Terres de Rouvière, the other at Chemin du Mas de Roulan.

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