The Domaine de Gressac, an equestrian adventure

FR - Perfectly nestled in the canton of Lussan, a stone's throw from the town of Verfeuil, the Domaine de Gressac is also at the heart of a Natura 2000 classified site.

Its size is breathtaking: 115 ha! The ideal place to start a unique equestrian adventure, a breeding of Spanish horses, where the animals take full advantage of the woods and meadows of the Domaine.


Bandeau mas domaine de gressac©michel nicollet

The Domaine de Gressac©Michel Nicollet for



We had the pleasure to discover the Domaine de Gressac with Laurence Michelet, owner with her husband of this place, where breeding rhymes with reconversion, as the couple was rather city-dweller in a previous professional life.

If the adventure of the Domaine de Gressac began in 2010, Laurence's fusional passion for Spanish horses dates back to her 20th birthday, and their meeting in Fontainebleau with Marc Lhotka, a master rider.

Today, about thirty horses from the breeding and a few boarders are present all year round and left in total freedom in the meadows of the Domaine, an open space totally assumed and above all indispensable for Laurence because it guarantees well-being and serenity for the animals.



The choice to breed purebred Spanish horses was an obvious one.

Its exceptional capacity to learn, its remarkable aptitude for dressage, its extraordinary mind,

his big heart, his respect and his attachment to the man make of him an extraordinary companion,

affectionate and generous. Day after day, he never ceases to amaze us with his intelligence.

(Domaine de Gressac)


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A perfect connexion with the horse

Supported in their work by the advice of the ethologist Koriane Liard, a great specialist in breaking-in, who distils precious advice to improve the daily life of both breeders and horses (do you know the notion of saddle fitting or saddle fitter for example), Laurence and her husband also benefit from the support of the educator and riding teacher Agustí Llauro.



The Albero II lineage is predominant in our breeding.

It is based on a sport model combining the mental of the Spanish with the strength of the best sport horses.

(Domaine de Gressac)



L'open space version Domaine de Gressac©Domaine de Gressac

The open space and Zalamero, Domaine de Gressac©Domaine de Gressac


Broodmares, some foals and a black stallion, Zalamero

Breeding has been a priority for the owners for 8 years now, with several broodmares, foals and a stallion, Zalamero.

Training courses in Andalusia, the presence of Stéphane Bligny, a former Republican Guard and breeder of Spanish horses since the beginning of the year 2000, and the enthusiastic inspiration of the Australian trainer Andy Booth, who has been living in France since 2001, are all assets to succeed in the challenge of excellence, as much in the approach to horses as in the art of horsemanship.



But who really is the black purebred Spanish stallion of the Domaine, Zalamero (Sweet talker in English)?

1,73 m at the withers, powerful and with blood, the Spanish stallion is son of Turbulento III and Zalamera XII,

both direct descendants of Favorito XXX,

champion of Spain 1992 and coming from the famous iron of Francisco Lazo Díaz,

sire of the famous Albero II, head of one of the most sought-after sport lines in Spain and in the world.

(Domaine de Gressac)


Domaine de gressac, Laurence Michelet©Michel Nicollet

Meeting at Domaine de Gressac©Michel Nicollet for


The choice of open space

The Spanish horses of the Domain, of a very pleasant company as they are in permanent contact with the human as well as those in pension are getting along very nicely on the vast ground of Gressac.

The foals that are born here live on about 20 hectares and do not leave their mothers until they are about 12 months old. The young horses are broken in later than in many other farms (breaking-in lasts about 2 months) and do not see a  saddle until much later, never before their 4th year.


Poulain, Laurence Michelet©Laurence Michelet

Foal, Laurence Michelet©Laurence Michelet


This desire to let the horses reach a certain maturity "so that their bone structure is complete" makes all the difference, as it allows them to acquire an accomplished robustness and impeccable health. The Spanish horses of the Domaine, of a rare elegance, have "a beautiful stature, a beautiful range" adds Laurence, an undeniable quality for dressage competitions.

Good to know : If the dresses of the horses (bay, grey, black, chestnut, piebald...) of the Spanish breeds as well as of the boarders and other adoptees are quite varied (because that's also what the Domain is, a refuge for some equines, not to mention the space reserved for some Black Head sheep...), it is also the case for their names. We meet Elixir, Isgraf, Jalousie, John Snow, Just You.... and of course the proud Zalamero.



The well being of the mothers and their foals is important for a harmonious growth...

The foals live in a herd to promote their development, their mental,

so that the company of the adults forges their balance.

(Domaine de Gressac)


Perfect horses for perfect dressage competitions

Mainly intended for dressage competitions, the horses of the Domaine can however be bought by individuals who wish to have a balanced, solid horse, perfectly adapted to riding.

The horses sold are followed by Laurence for some time afterwards, in order to make sure that their new home and environment respects the same living condition as at Gressac (free space, balanced and natural food...). This is the sine qua non condition to acquire a horse at Gressac.


Domaine de Gressac©Domaine de Gressac


Good to know : Visiting the Domaine de Gressac to find the horse of your life is also the opportunity to stay in one of the cottage rooms of the Domaine, to take the time to meet each other and, who knows, also discover the organic wines of the Domaine...

Many thanks to Laurence Michelet for her warm reception, time dedicated to this article and visuals.

The right address : Domaine de Gressac, Lieu-dit Clapeyret, 958 Gressac, Verfeuil.

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