Eggplants rolls by Maud Simonelli

It's time to go back to work, school, your daily routine.

But not time yet to forget summer with this sunny recipe shared by our health partner...

Rouleaux d'aubergines

Ingredients :

2 middle sized eggplants, 1 ts olive oil, 1ts lemon juice, 4 ts creamy cheese, 1 chopped green onion, 4 dry tomatoes, 1 garlic glove, some pepper, some fresh dill.


Preparation :

1 - Prehead the oven at 220º. Grease 2 baking sheet.

2 - Cut of the ends of the eggplants, then cut the eggplants lenghtwize, without the peel (1/2 cm thick). 

3 - Brush both sides of the eggplant slices with the olive oil and the lemon juice. Lay them on the baking sheet. Cook for around 20 mn, turning them just once.

4 - Meanwhile, mix the creamy cheese, the green onion, the dry tomatoes, the garlic and pepper in a little bowl.

5 - Spread some of this preparation on each slice of eggplants. Add some dill, roll them up and serve.

Bon appétit !


Hummm, ça sent bon... Bon appétit !


Remerciements à Maud Simonelli, d'Equilibre et vous pour le partage de cette recette.

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