sauve mer de rochers©nb UzEssentiel

The sea of rocks, in Sauve

(FR) Let's go to Sauve, around 40 kms from Uzès, for our trekking!


As we arrive near Sauve, we discover the hill overlooking the little medieval city, and the place to be today if we want to walk around the sea of rocks, and to look at its "aven", its deep swallow-hole.

Going up, up, up, following the rocky path leading us to the top, we discover step by step the beautiful natural area.


sauve mer de rochers aven©nb UzEssentiel

The sea of rocks is no place for getting lost. The many trekking signs help us to take the right hiking trail : yellow, you are good to go. Red, you better not...

Visiting the sea of rocks give us the opportunity to see so many rocky formations, between craks, sharp stones, gigantic ones, some looking like the famous Moaï from the Easter Island.


mer de rochers

Don't forget your camera as some places have breathtaking views over Sauve !


Soon after reaching the top, we find the way leading to the swallow-hole, well hidden by the flourishing vegetation. After a 10 to 15 mn walk, we litteraly plunge the look down the hole as it goes all the way down this natural crak. Paradise of the climbers and of the speleologists, the "aven" is also the right place to see bats at the end of the day.


sauve chateau de roquevaire mer de rochers©nb UzEssentiel

As we follow the path returning to Sauve, we pass the Roquevaire castle, with its thick walls remembrance of its medieval past and fights. As it seems like hanging over the void, the Roquevaire castle (12th century) still has a fierce presence.

If you think the climbing to the top of the hill has been tiring, well, the way down won't be much easier... Careful to the slids!


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