The literary adventure of French publishing house de la Fenestrelle

FR - Specialist of the historic heritage of the Gard, the publishing house de la Fenestrelle was founded by Bernard Malzac in 2013.

Logo la fenestrelle©éditions de la fenestrelleUzEssentiel had the pleasure of meeting the founder on the occasion of the latest publication of the publishing house, "Histoire des demeures familiales d'Aubussargues (XIIIe-XXe)" (History of the family's houses of Aubussargues (XIII century/XX century), by Jean-Christophe Galant.


From his long career in specialized education at the ITEP Les Garrigues de Sanilhac (Therapeutic, Educational and Pedagogical Institutes) for young people with psychological difficulties to his collaborative participation in Lucie éditions, a publishing house in Nîmes, Bernard Malzac kept his attachment to a work well done and his taste for sharing.

If his publishing house, which came to the forefront of the literary scene in 2013, is now dedicated to the cultural heritage and history of the Gard region, this was not always the case. Collections of poetry and novels were invited the first years of its creation, before la Fenestrelle specializes 100% in heritage, following the line of conduct of the books collection that Bernard Malzac directed at Lucie éditions * in 2009, "Heritage of the regions".

Bernard Malzac has also participated to the rebirth of the Nouvelle cigale uzégeoise, biannual magazine published in 2010, granddaughter of La cigale uzégeoise (1926 to 1934), and is president of the association Histoire et Civilisation de l'Uzège

Over view of the publishing house's catalog

From the history of Serviers to the one of Sanilhac, a village of which Bernard Malzac was mayor in the 90s, from The Republic in the shadow of the Duchy to Des Cévennes et des hommes (2014) to Itineraries to discover the village of Saint-Laurent-la-Vernède and its history or Catholiques et protestants : les facettes d'une longue rivalité (2019), the publishing house de la Fenestrelle never ceases to travel the Gard and captivate its readers.

Les Editions de la Fenestrelle, it is an impressive number of publications per year, with the release of approximately 20 to 25 books.

Based in Brignon, la Fenestrelle has published several books on this commune such as Chemins de la mémoire, Brignon et la Grande Guerre (1914-1918) (2014), Brignon et la Gardonnenque, des millénaires d'histoire (2016) or De Briga à Brignon - Une richesse archéologique (2017).

From editorial line to collaborations

Bernard Malzac is not only searching for new authors. Literary director, he also supervises the reading committee of his publishing house, prepares the layout of the books, establishes the contracts, chooses the cover in agreement with the author...

As a lecturer, Bernard Malzac also speaks on various subjects closely linked to the Gard, such as sericulture in Uzège, or the history of Serviers.

To know more: *Lucie éditions specializes in works of art, history, literature and poetry. Bernard Malzac was vice-president of the Amis du The Musée Borias, in Uzès assocation (and responsible for its Archive and Cultural Heritage commission) from 2009 to 2021.

The right address : Editions La Fenestrelle.

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