The new life of Françoise Escale Agnan

Once a biochemical engineer, Françoise Escale Agnan became an artist in the early 2000s.

First stepping in the art world by engraving, she then discovered painting, which challenged her and offered her a freedom she had never imagined. Then came sculpture, the sublime.

Mobile barbotine©nb UzEssentielParticipating in the workshops of the Parisian engraver and painter André Bongibault, and in those of the Spanish engraver, painter and sculptor Mario Marini in Madrid, Françoise worked her way into art life.

My work has always been about movement, about life

First with the body, very quickly with the abstraction, synonymous of freedom, Françoise reached the volume in her various projects. It is like telling the story of movement.

For over 20 years now, she participates to numerous exhibitions - such as the Biennale de la gravure de Chaville, the Nuit de l'estampe contemporaine in Paris, but as well in the Galerie Rina Bouwen in Madrid, to the Printemps de la sculpture in Saint-Ambroix, among others - and has received numerous awards in France and Spain.

Mobile©nb UzEssentielA skilful combination of materials and supports

Material effects, sculptures in white or black porcelain or in chamotte stoneware, for light and airy works, like this set called Gaïa made from barbotine, that's Françoise's universe.

But there are also her oil paintings on wood or canvas with surprising results - a painting in colour, where we notice a certain predilection for yellow, orange yellow, green yellow .... and sometimes a work in 3 dimensions, volume in space, or these etchings, with wild motifs.... Work in movement, in abstraction, creative freedom for the artist, freedom for the spectator in his discovery of the work.

The final touch to a project ? The naming of the work : Tango, Souffle (Breath) for these aerial porcelain mobiles, whose metallic suspension wire evokes for Françoise the idea of letting go, unless some see it as a drift towards infinity... Or Elan (Impetus), Hope, Mots d'amour (Love words) for these light figures... Her works are sometimes introduced on Instagram by haikus, these short Japanese poems that are wonderfully adapted to the moment of creation, capturing the right moment of emotion.

Francoise's latest creation ? Duo, a subtle mix of black porcelain and glass, with sometimes ice floe reflections, where the blackness of the black porcelain only highlights the icy transparency of the glass, a slightly wild synergy that makes the art lover feel all sorts of emotions.

A somewhat fantastic world, always surprising, which catches the curious eye of the visitor, intrigues him, during his visit to Galerie Féa Art.

CouleursWorkshop and exhibition gallery

Boutique 1Atelier 6Féa Art is Françoise's workshop and exhibition gallery in Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie. Opened in 2017, it features jewellery, paintings, engravings, porcelain and, at the turn of a room, a meeting with the artist...

At the end of the visit to Féa Art, one becomes aware that the world of Françoise Escale Agnan awakens emotions in each of us that are often different. But isn't it the aim of every artist to create emotion, illusion, the thrill when seeing a work of art, which can be charged with allegory, reflection, and sometimes even chimera?

Good to know : Françoise Escale Agnan will exhibit in June/July in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon in the Tower of Philippe Le Bel (rue Montée du Fort, Villeneuve-lès-Avignon), as part of the exhibition programme Regard sur la gravure contemporaine.

Thanks to Françoise Escale Agnan for her collaboration to this article and the guided tour of her workshop gallery.

The right address : Fea art, 1 place du monument aux morts, in Saint Quentin-la-poterie,, tel: 06 81 69 72 44,

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