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So French ! Vocabulary to use in bars, restaurants...

Here are some useful terms to know when having a drink in a bar, a restaurant or visiting a vineyard or a brewery in a French speaking country.

A rich vocabulary

French vocabulary is rich indeed, but can also be tricky.

Having some tips when entering a bar or a restaurant could come handy.

Glasses 919071 640Here are some clues :

A beer mug      une chope de bière

A can       une canette (de coca cola, de bière…)

A glassful (or a shot of wishey)     un verre (une rasade would be a up to the top glass of water, wine... - ou un verre de whisky)

Half-litre bottle    une chopine

A half pint of lager       un demi

A mouthful (a gulp)      une gorgée

Here is an easy oneA pint        une pinte

A pitcher (or a jug)       un pichet (de vin, d’eau)

A round wine glass      un ballon (de vin rouge, blanc, rosé)

Santé ! Cheers !

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