La Fourmi Verte chef 's recipe of golden milk

Maud, chef of La Fourmi Verte, shares with UzEsssentiel her recipe of golden milk, a dish you can enjoy directly at her foodtruck or ordering it, every Friday's morning on the Saint-Quentin-la Poterie market.

la fourmi verte de saint quentin la poterie


First of all, La Fourmi Verte, it's a worldwide inspired cuisine, and mostly seasonal organic vegetarian dishes made with local products. Spring rolls, wraps and so much more can be tasted directly at the foodtruck on Fridays or order.

What is more, La Fourmi Verte is accompanying many local cultural events, such as the Fête du pois chiche, the Terralha Festival, the Autres Rivages Festival, the Cratère SurfaceUne salle sous les étoiles... and can be asked to participate to vernissages, weddings, birthday parties, or to deliver dishes at gites or guesthouses...








Also called curcuma latte, the yogi's milk is a magical drink which has many qualities inspired by the ayurvedic medicine.


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Vegetal milk (rice, almond, etc) curcuma, pepper and/or ginger, first pressed vegetable oil (coconut, sesame, nut... Do note that the curcumin needs some fat to dissolve), honey, agave syrup, sugar cane and other selected spices (optional).



1st technique

Warm the milk and add the ingredients while mixing.


flockine©pixabay2nd technique

Make a curcuma past ready for use with 1/2 cup of water (filtered or minerale) + 1/4 cup of good quality curcuma powder.

Mix and heat on slow fire till the obtention of a creamy curcuma past (around 7/8 mn).

Put the preparation in a glass pot and leave it in the fridge for more or less 15 days.

Dilute 1 coffee spoon of the curcuma past in a hot milk cup (20 to 25 cl) with the rest of the ingredients.


The main spice : the curcuma

With antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer qualities, the curcumin could help to relieve mild digestive disorders and depression.

To benefit the most of curcuma benefits and help its assimilation, it is recommended to associate it with black pepper or ginger and some vegetable oil.


Coconut oil,  SchaOn Blodgett©PixabayThe coconut oil

The golden milk is a delicious recipe thinked to help the assimilation of the curcumin.

The curcumin being fat-soluble, it needs some fat to be dissolve. Here comes the coconut oil. It has satured fat  (most medium chain triglyceride contribute to the prevention of the arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular events). It contains lauric acide that boosts the immunity. Do note that a recent American Heart Association study said that this oil could be responsible for increasing the level of cholesterol (HDL and LDL), such as beef fat, palm fat or butter… (source).


The right address : Maud, La Fourmi Verte, cuisine du monde et légumes bio locaux.

Maud is present on every friday morning at the Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie market. Phone : 06 50 83 82 77, Facebook@vlafourmi.

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