Visiting the potters of Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie with the Photo club of Uzès

FR - Organized together with Morgan Conte, coordinator of cultural projects of Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, "Capitale de la céramique", the safari photo of the members of the club Photochouet of Uzès offers them the opportunity to know better the work of the potters. Follow the guide!



Denis Grazon (l’Age de faire), ceramist, sculptor and qualified trainer, Hélène Pierquet (Label LN workshop and gallery), designer and jewellery and printed objects creator and Sabine Porté (Sabine céramique), stoneware potter had responded to the call of the photoclub.

Joined them Lilou Milcent and Philippe Gallot, specialized porcelain potter for one and specialized in varnished terracotta for the other, Marine Maudet and the Macrosonges workshop of Chez Céleste, where ceramic and printed objects leave some space to the serigraphy and the stationary, Françoise Escale Agnan from the FEA Art gallery and Kartini Thomas, resident artist and her monstrology universe.




Denis Grazon©nb UzEssentiel


L’Age de faire, Denis Grazon

Denis Grazon found in Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie 20 years ago the perfect place to let flow its creativity. Its scultpures welcome the visitors with something sparkling. For its training sessions, he initiates his students, "a very demanding public" who come from France and abroad, to the art of pottery or gives them the clue to improve their knowledge. As a bonus for the members of the photo club: A great demonstration in situ of the making of a raku bowl, a Japanese technic inextricably linked to the tea ceremony. The photographers appreciated the personal touch, perfect for the shots and to know better the different steps of the creation.



Hélène Pierquet/Label LN.

Hélène Pierquet expresses her art through design and jewellery. Her workshop gallery is the perfect setting for her work. Colors, styles, materials are put together to meet the expectations of the people. "When I help someone to choose a jewel or to personalized it, I ask many questions. Your answers give me the information I need to offer you what you really look for". A unique present! Good to know: The playful workshop settled by Hélène will lead you to the adventure of jewellery.

Sabine Céramique

Living in Saint-Quentin since 2006, Sabine Porté is quite inspired by stoneware. Flickering from manual art to drawing, from painting to sculpture, Sabine arrived to the ceramic work in 2000, "working then with red clay, from the tilery of Marseille that her father brought back from his meetings, a feeling of the material which will never leave her". Swaping with great success to stoneware, between rusticity and delicacy, Sabine "transforms the thickness of the beginning to a fragile piece.... Modernity, sensibility and feminity for the everyday ceramic".

Lilou Milcent et Philippe Gallot

In the workshop/store of rue de la fontaine, Lilou Milcent presents since 1999 her pieces made of Limoges porcelain, her speciality. Compagnon potier for 40 years, she shares the place with her husband Philippe Gallot who works the Malaucène clay. "Lilou shares her passion with the visitor whenever she slides behind her potter's wheel. With a little blue recipient, she draws the famous white arabesques. Then, with a small brush, she lines the Limoges porcelain... The final step is to signed the work... Orange, yellow, blue or white colors are everywhere in the many objects present in the workshop" remembers a photograph. 

Chez Céleste

Chez Céleste is the joyfull and multicolored creative place of Marine Maudet and of the Atelier Macrosonges. Marine "fascinated by the light, the sweetness and the transparancy of the Limoges porcelain works on her lamps", a subtile "contrast of layers of porcelain with graphic patterns".  A "Japanesse universe, Art Déco or graphic too for lighting decoration". Good to know: Marine Maudet lamps can be personalized. Speaking about the Atelier Macrosonges is another story, as it started sometines around 2010 as a graphic studio linked to advertising direction, design, photography and even typography. It helps the professionals to word on their public image. Anyone interested? Learning workshops are organized around visual and graphic culture.


fea art©nb UzEssentiel


FEA Art Atelier Galerie

FEA Art Atelier Galerie is the fantastic world of Françoise Escale Agnan (read our paper UK), a microcosm of sculpture, painting and so much more.  There, she present her engravings, an art discovered in 2000 and her "contemporary art school", her painting, "which gives her the liberty she needs", then her aerial sculptures that she defines as "the sublime".



Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, Résidence d’artiste

Last of our visits, Kartini Thomas and her monstrology universe, a leading project created with the cultural departement of Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie and the residency of artists (read our paper UK). We met her at the Atelier Terre, near of Saint-Quentin clock tower where she gives the final touch to the project. The body of the soon to be born dragon is being dressed and decorated and will be on display in a cardboard cave, surrounded by music and light, in the temple of Saint-Quentin in an exhibition which is programmed to be itinerant.

The righ adresses : L’Age de Faire (Denis Grazon), route d’Uzès, 400 chemin des amandiers, Label LN. (Hélène Pierquet), 4 rue du Docteur Blanchard, Sabine Céramique (Sabine Porté), 60 grand rue, Lilou Milcent et Philippe Gallot, 8 rue de la Fontaine, Chez Céleste (Marine Maudet et Atelier Microsonges), 13 rue de la fontaine, Fea Art (Françoise Escale Agnan), Place du Monument aux morts, Kartini Thomas, artiste en résidence, Atelier Terre, rue du 4 septembre, à Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie.

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