On the road with the GARD'LE CAP 4L TROPHY team (part 2)

Part 2 of our paper dedicated to the GARD'LE CAP 4L TROPHY project, crewed by drivers' team, Alexis Monier and Louanne Reboux.



How have you prepared for the raid?

Alexis - In several stages. The first and crucial stage being to put together a sponsorship file to raise funds for our project. Which of course means drawing up a budget.

Louanne - I have to admit that the first few weeks were pretty intense. We gave ourselves 3 weeks to draw up the sponsorship file. We had to finish it as soon as possible to start looking for funding. We ate and slept 4L TROPHY!

And then we pre-registered to show our commitment to our future partners.




Sponsoring the GARD'LE CAP 4L TROPHY? It means taking part in an adventure of solidarity by offering your support in terms of mechanics, paintwork, equipment, materials, etc.

Would you like to take part in the adventure? Don't hesitate to contact Louanne and Alexis (contact below)




Louanne - We also had to create our visual identity and our social networks, the aim being to be visible and recognisable, in Uzès and around of course, but also in Montpellier and elsewhere. It's managing the social networks that's taking up most of my time, and keeping us busy at the moment.

Alexis - We've also started canvassing for sponsors and begun the search for our 4L, which we found fairly quickly.

The second stage involved working out our budget, particularly in terms of mechanical aspects. When we dismantled the car, we obviously had a few surprises... But we want to set off with a car that is as reliable as possible. So we're working on prioritising our needs to meet this objective.

The third stage was the purchase of parts and the reassembly of the car. It took around 15 days to prepare, with 3 or 4 days of work from time to time.



First stop: 14 & 15 February 2024 - Start Village in Biarritz.

Free transfer to Algeciras.

Return on 25 February 2024.



ValenteHow is your journey organised? Time management, minor repairs, driving... Have you any training in mechanics, for example, or in survival or first aid?

Alexis - Our trip will last 15 days, with 2 days in Spain and 6 days in Morocco. Our mechanical training was provided by Louanne's father, who accompanied us and advisied us on this adventure.

Louanne - He was also there to prepare us for all the technical difficulties we could encounter in the desert...

Alexis - As for the rest, it's an orienteering rally, so we're in no hurry. The aim is to stick as closely as possible to the number of kilometres given in the roadbook each day and to arrive at the camp before nightfall. At the camp, we need to have a routine that will be guided by our 'To-do list', with routine mechanical checks, setting up the camp... The aim is to spend as little time as possible solving our problems and enjoying the atmosphere of the camp in the evening.

Louanne - We're both nature lovers and keen hikers, as well as being very resourceful. So the bivouac is a formality! As far as first aid is concerned, it's true that we're not up to date with our training. However, we have the whole 4L Trophy team looking after us at all times. What's more, a complete first-aid kit is included in the list of compulsory equipment.

What meetings do you plan to organise during your trip? Do you plan to share your experience (meetings with the local population, presentation of your raid in schools on your return, etc.)?

Alexis - We're going to share our adventure through our social networks and, why not, share the experience in schools or during days that we could organise with our partners.

Louanne - Yes, we're thinking of approaching a school that would follow us. As for the meetings on site, we will see with the Enfants du Désert association...




Many thanks to Alexis Monier and Louanne Reboux for their collaboration on this article and for the visuals sent.

To contact the GARD'LECAP 4LTROPHY: gardelecap@gmail.com, FB: Gard'le cap 4LTrophy, @Gardlecap_4LTROPHY.


 Become a sponsor!

More information on the 4L TROPHY, from 15 to 25 February 2024.

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